This is a reference for Diego Nieves, whom we have had the pleasure of working with several times. He has now painted our entire house inside and parts outside as well. He is careful and extremely responsible. His work is immaculate and he always leaves everything cleaner than when he began. He is also a pleasure to be around and our kids missed him when he was gone! We give Diego the highest possible recommendation. Sincerely,

India Bayley

I have been a residential builder and remodeler for 11 years now and have worked with many different paint crews. I have known Diego for several years now. He worked for a paint company that I subcontracted consistently before going out on his own. For the last year that I hired that company I required the company to have Diego on my site or I would hire someone else. His attention to detail, cordial and courteous nature, consistency, and punctuality is why I was thrilled he went on his own and started "My Favorite Painter."
Having worked with him on six jobs as "My Favorite Painter," he has continued to present the characteristics that I have come to expect, accompanied by a reasonable price. I hope and expect to work with Diego for a very long time. I have no reservations in recommending him to clients or other builders because I know the quality of service they will receive.

Brent Arnold
Triple Aught Builders LLC

Diego and his team did a fantastic job! Everything turned out beautifully - the transformation in our new house from 90's frumpy to updated was remarkable. We would absolutely hire them again, and definitely recommend their work to anyone.

Ann Quirk

The price was great, and our painter was so considerate and professional with his communication. He always let us know exactly when he was coming, he asked for feedback on different stages of the project, and he did top notch work.

Elizabeth Aldridge